7 Reasons to Shop Online

7 Reasons to Shop Online

Seven Reasons to go to an Online Headshop

Better Selection

We can source glass and other products from all over the country, not just the local area. Because we aren't paying to store inventory in a retail space, we can offer a wider range of everything. We have scientific glass and custom pieces ranging from nano rigs up to furniture-size. We have adapters and other glass accessories, vaporizers, rolling papers, enails, and all kinds of related merch. If you have a special request, let us know: we can probably make it happen. On the other hand, bear in mind that as an online headshop we have curated our inventory for...

Better Products

The flip side of having wider selection is that we can be pickier about what we carry. An online headshop can aim for the highest quality and highest value products. If we don't like something, if we get complaints about it, we'll delist it. So when you look at your selection, you don't have to feel like you are taking a gamble on quality: everything is vetted.

Better Prices

Brick-and-mortar headshops are not cheap to run. They tend to be located in high-rent spaces, and they are (unfortunately) frequent targets of crime. So you are looking at rent, overhead, service staff, insurance, maintenance: all of those costs get passed on to the customer. An online headshop avoids or reduces all of those costs, and the savings get passed on to the customer. Rent alone is a huge factor. We aren't paying rent on a retail space, and that savings more than makes up for shipping costs.

Better Customer Service

Everyone has had an interaction with a clueless guy behind the counter. Apparently, in some brick-and-mortar stores, having sick ink and being available on Friday evenings is enough to get you hired, even if you don't know anything about borosilicate. As an online business, we are all about customer service. Call [TK phone number] any time, night or day, and we will put you in touch with knowledgable people who can answer your questions and get you what you need. The same goes for shipping: rather than trying to get a piece of delicate glassware home in a plastic bag (did you remember the receipt?), we're going to ship to you with a tracking number, insurance against breakage, and experienced people waiting to answer any questions you might have. And while we're talking about shipping, let's note that with online shops you can....

Get Stuff Faster (really)

Everybody loves instant gratification. Walking into a headshop and putting cash on the barrel for a new pipe is a good feeling. Some people don't like to shop online because of the delay factor: it takes a while for the goods to arrive. But that isn't the whole story. In the first place, we ship fast. Our average speed is only [TK shipping time], and we expedite shipping if needed. But consider this: when was the last time you realized you needed something from a headshop? More than likely, it was at eleven PM, you were hanging with some friends, you were lit, the shop was closed, and nobody was about to head across town anyway. By the time you actually got in to buy the piece you wanted, a week had gone by...so in fact, you could have ordered it online and gotten it faster. And you could have ordered it online that night, without having to go anywhere.

No Tyranny of the Shelves

In an ideal world, retailers stock what they can sell. A lot of the time, the opposite it true: retailers are trying to sell what they've got in stock. If there happen to be a bunch of janky acrylic pipes on the shelves, the guy behind the counter is going to try to sell them to you. Given our volume and different types of sales structure, we don't really have this problem. You are not going to get upsold on some accessories you don't need, or some inferior product that a shop was trying to get off its shelves. You get what you want, when you want it, because you want it.


In the old Life in Hell comics, Akbar and Jeff describe one of their many business ventures as “located in the curtained storefront across the railroad tracks near the abandoned buildings in the bad part of town”. Unfortunately, that describes too many headshops too well. For some people, once or twice, that might be an appealing part of the adventure. Pretty soon, though, you just want to go make a purchase without getting accosted by strung-out dudes up the block. Hence online headshops. Also, obviously, shopping online is more discrete. Attitudes are changing, slowly, but there are a lot of people who don't need their coworkers or their uncle to see them coming out of a headshop with a three-foot-long package. That is what the internet was invented for.


Headshops have always been part of the experience of smoking. On the other hand, so have police raids. Times are changing, and one of the welcome changes is the level of professionalism in the industry. Sure, there was a certain romance to old headshops: the art on the walls and the tunes on the radio were all part of the experience. But that romance had to do a lot of heavy lifting for bad selection, bad customer service, ridiculous prices, and often just a bad attitude. If you want to have a sweet experience of smoking culture, you can still have that. Go to a concert; go to a club. But why sacrifice your time and money and patience to be in the presence of a Hendrix poster while you are buying a $200 bubbler? Online headshops have all the convenience you want, at the prices you want, and will treat you like a customer doing business with professionals. That is, after all, what's happening, so you deserve to be treated that way.



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