8 Moms of Marijuana—the Real Life Nancy Botwans

8 Moms of Marijuana—the Real Life Nancy Botwans

Roll one up for mom! Statistics say that if you haven't already sparked up with your mom, you may be doing so shortly. (As long as you live in Canada.)

  Looking at cannabis marketing, you'd have been right to assume that it all pandered to a younger crowd. But there's another key demographic on the rise: moms. The baby boomers are the first ganja-loving ladies, and now they are one of the fastest-growing groups of marijuana users in Canada. And this time, they're doing it right with discrete edibles, fancy vape pens, and beautifully-packaged topicals. And just in time for legalization, Millennial women are entering motherhood and therefore the canna-mom designation. Statistics Canada claims that 3.4 million Canadian citizens use cannabis. (And that's just the ones who are upfront about it.) A Nanos Poll revealed seven out of ten Canadians support recreational legalization—higher than ever. But it's mothers, in particular, who have been judged harshest for showing interest in cannabis. Moms do not only see marijuana as mommy's little helper for aches, pains, menstrual cramps, stress, and sleep; they recognize the industry as one that they understand with all of it's Mother Nature healing qualities. Now we see studies about the positive impact of cannabis on breast and ovarian cancer. But the real story is that not only are moms becoming the perfect cannabis consumers—they're ruling the business side of things too! , A Marijuana Business Daily survey found that roughly one in three executives of cannabis businesses is female, compared to only about 15 percent of Fortune 500 companies. From compassion clubs to Youtube channels, dope gear, and dispensaries here are the real life Nancy Botwans staking their claim in the cannabis space.
  1. The Stoner Mom (Dot Com)

Kathryn VanEaton is the "cool mom" of the 21st century. She always has something interesting in her bowl even if she's prone to losing track of exactly what that is. Bonus: it's fun watching VanEaton with guests who are new to being on camera and can't quite hold it together like their host while hitting bowl after bowl. But don't get it twisted because she's all about responsible cannabis use, giving great practical tips on how to keep one's stash secure and which devices are better for home use when kids are near.
  1. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi and her business partner, Maya Elizabeth, launched medical marijuana product line Whoopi & Maya for severe menstrual cramps, and overall wellbeing. “I have grown granddaughters who have severe cramps, so I said this is what I want to work on," says Whoopi.
  1.  Martha Stewart
Maybe something happened to her behind bars, but Martha Stewart is a true OG, turning her culinary craftiness toward the marijuana boom. First, she created a Statue of Liberty out of weed with Conan; then there came "Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party," which teams her up with Snoop Dogg for culinary dalliances with rappers.
  1. Melissa Ethridge

The singer, who used marijuana to help her through breast cancer probably wouldn't mind if she caught any of her four kids smoking pot. (She's already admitted to lighting up with her two oldest, Bailey and Beckett.) She performed at the 2016 HIGH TIMES Michigan Cannabis Cup and is starting up a cannabis line at Etheridge Farms.
  1. Pamela Hadfield

Pamela Hadfield is a mom and co-founder of HelloMD, an online community of patients using medical marijuana for health and wellness. She uses marijuana to mitigate regular migraines, in place of the opioid-based medicines she used previously. Today, she credits marijuana with her choice to start HelloMD with her husband and business partner, Mark. "We have seen the market for females grow roughly 10 percent in the past nine years," says Pamela. "Within our patient database, roughly 36 percent of patients are female. We also see the older age demographics 55+ creeping upward. Cannabis is going mainstream, and this train won't slow down anytime soon." Her favorite all-time product is Foria’s new Relief. "It creates a body high, not a head high, and it leaves you feeling relaxed, happy, and pain-free."
  1. Cheryl Shuman

This 53-year-old mother of two began using cannabis after a cancer diagnosis. Now, she runs cannabis events, a marketing company, and the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Cheryl believes that the herb makes her and her a better wife and mother. "We’ve all come up against people who say marijuana is for dirty druggies, but we are proof you can be good parents and productive members of society and use it," says Cheryl. "I like to think we are bringing some glamor and exclusivity to marijuana use."
  1. Jane West

This mom has gotten high with Snoop Dogg, been busted by the SWAT team, and fired from her job for vaping. She also rolls with a fresh blow-out, tortoiseshell glasses, and a mom-boss pencil skirt. Jane started producing the kind of events that suburban moms like herself were used to, but with one extra ingredient—the green stuff. Now she's moved on to a female-friendly line of sleek bongs and other products in trendy colors.
  1. Jessica VerSteeg

Jessica is the CEO of a little cannabis startup, although she started working life as a model. She was inspired to enter the cannabis space after ex-boyfriend and NFL Giants safety, Tyler Sash, died from opioid addiction and subsequent overdose.



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